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Unauthorized State or IRS Seizure of Money Taken is a Called a Wage Levy, Bank Levy, Offset of State Refund or Wage Garnishment | DWK Tax Group Inc.
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Unauthorized State or IRS Seizure of Money Taken is a Called a Wage Levy, Bank Levy, Offset of State Refund or Wage Garnishment

wage garnishmentAs if life is not cruel enough as it is…IRS or State collection enforcement has far reaching capabilities. As a last resort to gain the Taxpayer’s attention, the bank, the vendor, the social security administration, the federal contract or employer notifies you. Against your will, a wage levy or garnishment order to withhold your hard earned income is no laughing matter. Not funny at all.

The dreaded CP-504 IRS Notice of Intent to Wage Levy or Garnishment is sitting in the mailbox.  Taxpayers’ have a 90 day window to engage and rectify. Receipt of this notice will travel via the mail only, anyone calling you directly is either a scam or an IRS Revenue Officer.

Rent is due, utility notices are 30 days past due and the childcare provider is stopping you from dropping off your young ones. Panic begins to set in, the wife is freaking out and you have nowhere to turn. A taxpayer now client, James V. from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania faced this all too familiar tale of what tax neglect will do.

IRS wage levy or garnishment was lifted in 1 hour. Time was granted to regroup, apply discovery, fulfill compliance requirements and submit an Offer in Compromise. He needed a chance for a “Fresh Start”. DWK Tax Group was able to settle for amount less than currently owed. IRS Tax bill was $42,365 and reduced to $513.00.

Each and every tax problem has unique variables to assess. The “Fresh Start” programs offered by the IRS is the most lenient in years.

Ready to make a sensible decision to resolve? Contact DWK Tax Group, INC. the nationwide leader in authentic tax representation geared leave no stone unturned. Dial 1 – 8 6 6 – 2 2 6 – 6 1 0 2 for a FREE, no cost or obligation conversation that will put an end to your insomnia.

Tax problems will not go away unless addressed head on…Call us and see how affordable authentic representation is. Our fee schedule is not based on the amount the taxpayer owes, but simply based on the work required to achieve the same goal. Let us deal with the wage levy or garnishment, you may have additional options you are not aware of.