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Release a Wage garnishment / Wage Levy / Vendor Levy in Hours of Retaining an Enrolled Agent for Representation

wage garnishment

An IRS or State tax problem usually takes years of neglect and denial to acquire. If not addressed in a timely manner, as a “last resort” the IRS uses aggressive tax collection tactics such as Wage garnishment, Wage Levy or Vendor Levies. The IRS will get to the source of the income, intercept it and leave you high dry.

Along the way, the constant quilt, loss of sleep and tax anxiety that comes with flowing notices from the IRS or state Department of Revenue can be a an unsurmountable feat to accomplish, at least so it seems.

The key is to acquire Enrolled Agent representation, get a tax expert on your side, otherwise money is being left on the table.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has 10 years to collect on a balance stemming from a tax return. The collection statute does not begin unless an actual tax return is filed. Here is where it may get tricky…Either the taxpayer can file a business or individual tax return or the IRS may have completed an unauthorized tax return (substitute filed return) for the IRS to designate an amount and collect on it.

The taxpayer must replace substitute filed return in order to claim the necessary exemptions, business expenses and credits.

Releasing a wage garnishment, wage levy or vendor levy is only the beginning of the healing process. Additional steps are required to quell the tax account, whatever you decide to do? Be thorough about it or the collection enforcement process will not go away.

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