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IRS Tax Problem: A Task Not to Walk Alone, IRS Collection Team Just Got a Little Stronger

Trapped by a State or IRS Levy

Trapped by a State or IRS Levy

As of, December 2015 a law enacted by congress via the Fixing Americas Surface Transportation (FAST) Act allows the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the ability to hire 4 outside contractors to collect outstanding tax debt accrued. The IRS collection enforcement process has just gotten more complicated than ever before.


Law enacted by your elected congress

Cases assigned to private IRS collection agencies are cases that are usually older, overdue tax accounts or because the IRS simply does not have the money to sick employees on delinquent taxpayers. The new collection program will start with balances owed for less than $50,000. Eventually expand to more complicated cases as the kinks get worked out.

What does this mean for the taxpayer?

If you have experienced the relentless nature of credit card or medical bill tardiness, no pay or evasive acts to not payback a debt your cell phone, home phone and or employer is about to receive a massive work out. IRS policy has always been a no collection process unless a Revenue Officer is involved. Now…All bets are off! A private IRS collection agency can auto call you morning, noon and night. Yikes!!

What should the taxpayer do?

Engage the IRS directly by obtaining representation by proven practitioners that specialize in dealing with the IRS’s shenanigans such as DWK Tax Group, Inc. We highly suggest engaging the IRS now before the designated notice, a CP40 hits your mailbox.

Once the private IRS collection contractor is assigned to a Social Security number or Employer Identification Number (EIN), the taxpayer will need to submit a written request and authorization from the private collection agency to be reassigned.

Truth is, IRS Collections Unit is bound by Internal Revenue Manuel as to how to proceed with collection enforcement. What is not clear is what tactics the private IRS collection agencies can implement to light a fire for taxpayers to react.

Call us today, 1-866-226-6102, https;// Time to make a conscious change toward resolving the IRS Tax Problem today.

The process begins with a CP40 notice.