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Penalty Abatement

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Via the initial detailed tax analysis, DWK Tax Group can determine if you qualify for IRS Tax Relief Penalty Abatement Petition. DWK Tax Group will need to know what happened to you that caused this unfortunate tax problem situation to occur.


The IRS considers Reasonable Cause for Penalty Abatement:

• Ignorance of the Law (you must demonstrate you made a reasonable effort to learn the law though).
• Error or Mistake was Made, but you must still show “due diligence, ordinary business care and prudence” had been exercised.
• Forgetfulness, but you must still show “ordinary business care and prudence”.
• Serious Illness, Death, or Unavoidable Absence.
• Unable to Obtain Records.
• Incorrect Advice from a competent tax professional.
• Incorrect Advice directly from the IRS, written or oral.
• Fire, Casualty, Natural Disaster, Other Disturbance


DWK Tax Group will provide you with determined and diligent Tax Attorneys or IRS Enrolled Agents who have successfully handled countless Penalty Abatement cases, in turn, saving our clients massive amounts of money.


DWK Tax Group will not accept a case if we cannot save you money.

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