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IRS Tax Problem: IRS Hardship Status? Clients Social Security Benefit Levy Removed within Hours. | DWK Tax Group Inc.
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IRS Tax Problem: IRS Hardship Status? Clients Social Security Benefit Levy Removed within Hours.

IRS Wage Garnishment

Sadi M. of Dearborn, Michigan needed help with an seemingly forever lingering IRS tax problem. Client was being levied by the IRS. As if the Social Security benefit is paid is a large amount either.

Sadi called the DWK Tax Group tax professional to discuss hiring help to for his IRS tax problem and to engage the IRS and State of Michigan for a balance exceeding $38,000. The balance owed were generating notices of Intent to Levy, contact the IRS today. The IRS tax liability stemmed from years of an incorrect claim of exemptions causing her employer to under withhold taxes for years of wages earned. What prompted the motivation to resolve was the prospect of an abbreviated payment benefit once she was able to retire.

So what initiated the incorrect behavior practiced by Sadi? Bad advice from family.

Today, Sadi has acquired IRS hardship status because of the inability to carry a tax liability. Her representation has verified and substantiated her income & expenses required to live. Taxpayer’s Social Security levy was removed on the same day she sought representation. The social security levy took approximately 39 days to filter out of the Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP). Although the IRS has approved her hardship status, much work remains ahead to settle for less than she currently owes.

The IRS will review her tax account on an annual basis and monitor whether her income amount has remained the same.

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